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TinyUSB Line Camera 3301                                             

The TinyUSB Line Camera 3301 is a low cost board-level 102-pixel line scan camera with an 8-bit resolution. The 100 inner pixels measure 85µm x 77µm and the end pixels are 132µm x 49µm. The camera offers trigger input and output, three operation modes and programmable integration time. The sensor array is split into three 34-pixel zones, with each zone having programmable gain and offset levels.


The TinyUSB Line Camera 3301 is USB Bus-powered, therefore no separate power adapters for voltage supply are needed.


Drivers, DLL for Windows, library for Linux and sample programs are included in delivery.





  • 480 Mbit/s high-speed USB 2.0

  • USB Bus-powered

  • Pluy & Play

  • Linear sensor array TSL3301CL

  • 102 Pixel: 100 inner pixels 85µm (H) x 77µm (W), 2 end pixels 132µm (H) x 49µm (W)

  • 9000 lines / second

  • 8-bit ADC

  • 1-2.94x programmable gain, 32 increments

  • Programmable offset, 256 increments

  • Trigger input & output

  • Software development kit with drivers, libraries and sample programs

  • Supports Windows, Linux and Raspbian (Raspberry PI)

  • Very compact design 40 x 30 mm²

 TinyUSB Line Camera 3301 (Top)


TinyUSB Line Camera 3301

135,- EUR plus VAT & shipping.


included in delivery:

TinyUSB Line Camera 3301

Windows: Software, DLL (32 & 64Bit), examples for Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C++,

Visual Basic and Labview

Linux: Library (.so, 64Bit), examples for C++/Qt and Lazarus

Raspbian (Raspberry PI): 

Library (.so), examples for C++/Qt and Lazarus




Windows DLL Manual

Linux/RPi LIB Manual

Driver (Windows)

Programming examples:

For Windows

For Linux

For Raspberry PI

 TinyUSB Line Camera 3301 (Bottom)