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RS485 I2C Adapter (Master)                                           

RS485 I2C Adapter (Master)

The RS485 I2C adapter is an universal applicable I2C-tool with a 128 bytes of buffer and an adjustable SCL-frequency up to 400 kHz. With the RS485 I2C adapter as master numerous bus participants can be adressed such as IOExpander, sensors, LCDs, 7-segment display, stepping motors, AD/DA converters, real time clocks, tone generators, RAM, EEProms, etc.


The SCL frequency can be adjusted between 12 - 400 kHz.


The RS485-address of the adapter is adjustable via an 8bit DIP-switch. Thus several adapters could be attached at a RS485 bus.


The adapter contains an I2C level shifter on board. Thus, it is possible to connect the adapter to an I2C bus having different voltage levels between 2V and 15V.


Labview VIs and a 32bit DLL (for Windows) are included in delivery. This makes the integration of the adapter into own applications possible.


It is possible to communicate with the adapter using Windows API functions such as CreateFile(), WriteFile() and ReadFile(). A simple software interface (ASCII commands) is available.


Some of the software Tools are for the developer very helpfully. Thus it is possible to test immediately I2C devices. The software "IIC Control" supports EEPROMS of 1kbit (128 bytes) to 1Mbit (128k byte).





  • Configurable I2C frequency 12Hz - 400kHz

  • adjustable duty cycle (SCL-frequency)

  • On board I2C level shifter, I2C levels from 2V to 15V

  • supports multi-master

  • Master transmit & receive

  • supports clock streching

  • 7bit addressing

  • 2 digital general outputs

  • Simple software interface / ASCII commands

  • 32Bit DLL for Windows

  • Labview VIs


85,-EUR plus VAT & shipping.


included in delivery:


RS485 I2C Adapter (Master)


IIC Device Control


32bit DLL for Windows


Examples for Delphi and Labview


Manual & files:



IICControl Software