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Welcome to the product site of Coptonix GmbH.


For inquiries and Information to our products/services, please contact us via E-Mail.

You could also reach us by telephone at +49-30-61741248 from 10:00 to 18:00 o'clock.


We would be pleased to help you.

CCD Camera Modules

USB Line Camera 8M, CCD/CMOS

The USB Line Camera 8M is an easy-to-use cost-effective board-level line scan camera. It consists of two circuit boards, the main circuit board and the sensor circuit board. The main board contains the high speed USB controller, the line sensor controller and Memory....more


I2C Master

USB I2C Adapter MS (I2C Master & Slave)...more

RS232 I2C Adapter (Master)...more

RS485 I2C Adapter (Master) ...more

Lan I2C Adapter MS (TCP/IP & UDP)...more


I2C Slave

USB I2C Adapter MS (Master & Slave)...more

I2C RS232 Adapter (Slave)...more

Lan I2C Adapter MS (TCP/IP & UDP)...more


Stepper Motor Control

StepGenerator4 //SG4//

The StepGenerator4 (SG4) is a cost effective, high performance stepper motor controller with built-in 500MHz 32Bit processor. It controls up to four stepper motor drivers with step and direction signals....more


Other Adapter

I2C Fiber Adapter

The I2C Fiber Adapter is bi-directional externally powered I2C to Single Mode Fiber Optic converter. It allows the communication between I2C devices using fiber cables over long distances....more


USB Serial Optical Converter...more