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IIC Device Control                                            

Address, write and read any commercial or custom I2C devices.

There are different useful tools available for the user:


Read, calculate and display measurements.

Command List:

Input and execute any number of I2C-Write and Read commands.


Supported EEPROMs:


User defined:

Customizable EEPROM parameters.

The Tool supports I2C-EEPROMs from 1kbit (128 bytes) to 1Mbit (128k bytes).


AT24C01, AT24C02, AT24C04, AT24C08, AT24C16, AT24C32, AT24C64, AT24C128, AT24C256, AT24C512, AT24CM01.


HT2201, HT24LC02, HT24LC04, HT24LC08, HT24LC16, HT24LC32, HT24LC64, HT24L128, HT24LC256.


24AA01, 24LC01, 24AA014, 24LC014, 24C01, 4LC21A, 24VL014, 24AA02, 24LC02, 24AA024, 24LC024, 24AA025, 24LC025, 24C02C, 24LC22A, 24LCS22A, 24VL024, 24VL025, 24AA04,24LC04, 24AA044, 24AA08, 24LC08, 24AA16, 24LC16, 24AA32, 24LC32, 24AA64, 24LC64, 24FC64, 24AA65, 24LC65, 24C65, 24AA128, 24LC128, 24FC128, 24AA256, 24LC256, 24FC256, 24AA512, 24LC512, 24FC512, 24AA515, 24LC515, 24FC515, 24AA1025, 24LC1025, 24FC1025, 24AA1026, 24LC1026, 24FC1026.


PCF8582C-2, PCF8594C-2, PCF8598C-2.


ON Semiconductor:
CAT24C01, CAT24AA01, CAT1021, CAT1022, CAT1023, CAT1024, CAT1025, CAT1026, CAT1027, CAT14002, CAT24AA02, CAT24C02, CAT24C03, CAV24C02, CAT14004, CAT24AA04, CAT24C04, CAT24C05, CAV24C04, CAT14008, CAT24AA08, CAT24C08, CAV24C08, CAT1161, CAT1162, CAT1163, CAT14016, CAT24AA16, CAT24C16, CAT24C164, CAV24C16, LE24162LBXA, LE24163LBXA, LE2416RLBXA, CAT1320, CAT1321, CAT24C32, CAV24C32, LE2464C, CAT1640, CAT1641, CAT24C64, CAV24C64, CAT24C128, CAV24C128, CAT24C256, CAV24C256, CAT24C512, CAV24C512, LE24512AQF.


BR24A01, BR24G01, BR24L01, BR24A02, BR24G02, BR24L02, BR24T02, BR34E02, U9833GUL, BR24A04, BR24G04, BR24L04, BR24T02, BU9847GUL, BR24A08, BR24G08, BR24L08, BR24S08, BR24T08, BRCB008GWZ, BRU9889GUL, BR24A16, BR24G16, BR24L16, BR24S16, BR24T16, BRCA016GWZ, BRCB016GWL, BRCC016GWX, BRCD016GWZ, BU9844GUL, BR24A32, BR24G32, BR24L32, BR24S32, BR24T32, BRCB032GWZ, BU99901GUZ, BR24A64, BR24G64, BR24L64, BR24S64, BR24T64, BRCB064GWZ, BRCC064GWZ, BRCD064GWZ, BRCE064GWZ, BRCG064GWZ, BU9880GUL, BR24G128, BR24S128, BR24T128, BU9897GUL, BR24G256, BR24S256, BR24T256, BR24G512, BR24G1M.


Seiko Instruments:
S24C01C, S24C02C, S24C02, S24C04, S24C08, S24C16, S24C32, S24C64, S24C128, S24C256, S24S512, S24CM01.


M24C01, M24C02, M24C04, M24C08, M24C16, M24C32, M24C64, M24128, M24256, M24512, M24M01.



I2C Devices:

IIC Device Control contains ready-to-use GUIs to control a set of I2C devices. If your device is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased if we can help.

I2C Scan:

Use the I2C-Bus-Scanner to discover and list all connected I2C devices.

Accelerometer / Gyroscope:


AD5316, PCF8591, TDA8444


Altimeter / Variometer:




Digital Potentiometer:
AD5263, AD5241, AD5242, AD5273, AD5280, AD5282, AD5248, AD5258, AD5259,

AD5161, AD5171, AD5243, AD5245, AD5246, AD5247, AD5172, AD5173, AD5270,

AD5251, AD5252, AD5253, AD5254


IO Expander:
MCP23017, PCA6107, PCA6408A, PCA6416A, PCA9535, PCA9535A, PCA9535C, PCA9536, PCA9637, PCA9538, PCA9538A, PCA9539, PCA9539R, PCA9554, PCA9554A, PCA9554B, PCA9554C, PCA9555, PCA9555A, PCA9557, PCA9574, PCA9575, PCA9621, PCF8574, PCF8574A, PCF8575


LED Blinker / Dimmers:
PCA9530, PCA9531, PCA9532, PCA9533, PCA9550, PCA9551, PCA9552, PCA9553




Multiplexer / Switches:
PCA9540B, PCA9542A, PCA9543A, PCA9543B, PCA9544A, PCA9545A, PCA9545B,
PCA9545C, PCA9546A, PCA9547, PCA9548A




Real Time Clock / Calendar:
PCF85063ATL, PCF85063TP, PCF8523, PCF8563, PCF8564A, PCF8565, PCF8565A


Stepper Motor Controller:


Temperature Sensors:
DS1621, MAX6633, MAX6634, MAX6635






Download latest software version: