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I2C RS232 Adapter  (Slave)                                             

I2C RS232 Adapter (Slave)

The I2C-RS232-Adapter is an universal usable I2C-Tool. With the I2C-RS232-Adapter as I2C-Slave, several RS232 end device (e.g. PC, µcontroller) can be connected at an I2C-Bus. The slave address can be programmed freely over the serial interface. The data of a master are temporarily stored in the I2C-RS232-Adapter and then transmitted through the serial interface. A data package may be maximal 128 bytes.


The data, which a seriel device receives (e.g. PC, microcontroller), can be processed and then sent back to the I2C-RS232-Adapter. Here the data packet may be also maximally 128 bytes. So that the I2C-RS232-Adapter can get the function of a master, the I2C-RS232-Adapter controls two Interrupt outputs. An Interrupt output can be selected over the serial interface while sending data to the adapter.


The adapter contains an I2C level shifter on board. Thus, it is possible to connect the adapter to an I2C bus having different voltage levels between 2V and 15V.

Following are the different types we offer:

  • RS-Model: This type is controlled only via the serial interface (RS232). The communication is done through ASCII commands.

  • IC-Model: This type is controlled only via the I2C-Bus. The communication is done through I2C commands. The RS232 interface is transparent.


With the many possibilities of the Adapter it is very simple to define/program own I2C-Slaves when connetced to a PC or a microcontroller.


Therefore the tool is suitable for developers, who would like to develop and/or test own I2C-circuits. The Adapter can be a PCF8574, PCF8574A, temperature sensor or any other slave with any (7-bit) slave address.


With a PC or microcontroller the Adapter can be used also to control devices with I2C-Interface (Master), e.g. the camera modul from Sony “RPU-C251 / C352”. For software development, a Delphi component, a DLL, examples and data transmission protocol of the Adapter are available for developer. When using the software interfaces, the Adapter can be integrated very simply into own applications


59- EUR plus VAT & shipping.


included in delivery:


I2C RS232 Adapter RS



I2C RS232 Adapter IC


32bit DLL for Windows


Examples & Manuals





Component & DLL

Example 1 (general IO)

Example 2 (Camera Module - Sony "PRU C251 / C352)